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Hi everyone, I am amazed that you came all the way to this page to read About me!

There are two possibilities, one that you might already know me and came here to see what Ankit writes about himself, two, that you sincerely want to know about me after reading one of my blog posts. In both cases, you are welcome! so lets see who Ankit is. (writing about me in 3rd person feels really good)

By profession currently I am in Pre-sales (as Sales Engineer). You can know more on my professional side here -  LinkedIn profile.

Born in 1994, I am kinda blend of old-school and modern both. (people born in 90's will agree to it)

For Hobbies, I love reading books, listen to music, I also used to be a drummer couple of years back, recently I started Gardening (small scale) and my all time favorite hobby is Cooking👦

Wait Wait, I also like clicking pictures, here are some of my clicks on Instagram, do give it a go and share your comments!

Why I started writing Blogs?

It all started with the inception of an idea while I was going through worst time of my life.

I used to get many questions in mind, some negative, some positive, some out of nowhere!
I used to brainstorm around these thoughts, these questions and would research on them as well and answer them to myself.

So this came idea came to my mind that, lets start sharing this to my world of friends. My researches might help them and if not, it would be a good read atleast 😉.

Thus I started writing my thoughts out!

My writing genre would be mostly self help topics, psychology, human behaviors, sometimes it would be something straight out of my contemplative sessions with my mind and sometimes it would be just my opinions, my take on some of things happening around the world.

Now the name of the blog!

Finding the name of blog is one of the toughest task a blogger can come across. Of-course gathering the ideas and writing is bit more tough.

so my Blog's name is Subtle Thinks

Subtle : Delicately Complex

Thinks : Act of thinking

It took me literally me more than 1 month just to find a name and justify it with myself. Phew! finally I found this name. ( My Wife and only some close friend knows this how I used to harass them asking to help me with name for my Blog)

So finally we have known who Ankit is, why he started writing. If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on social media as below.

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