Why do we Judge others? | Is Judging someone okay? | What makes us Judge someone?


What is Judging? Is it normal to judge someone?

Before I move further, let's make it clear and transparent! We all, in our entire life, have at least once, judged someone. There is no denial in that. Do we all agree? Yes? Cool, let's move forward.

Now what exactly is Judging or Judgement by its literal meaning. 

A judgment is an opinion or decision based on thoughts, feelings, and evidence.

We make hundreds of judgments every day. It's a subconscious process that people can not control.

“Within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, our brain makes 11 different decisions about them including their intelligence, socioeconomic status, education, competence, and trustworthiness,” said corporate image consultant and personal brand strategist Anna Hinson.

What are the causes of Judgement? What triggers your judging nature?

Judging someone is triggered by the following.

 1. We find someone doing something which we don't approve of. In other words, we find someone doing things that we would not do or think of doing.
 We find someone doing something which we like and we would definitely approve that and will do the same if we get a chance.

Both variations define whether you judge good or bad personality/behavior.

For eg., You see a drunk man on the road fighting with his spouse and also abusing her and beating her in public. What's the first reaction that comes to you? You would go like "What the hell is he doing? Why is he, such a Bloody idiot!"

Another e.g., You see someone helping the homeless guy sitting by the sidewalk. Seeing that you would go like "Wow! What a good-natured person."

2. When you compare yourself with others and also by doing that you feel envious about. This is the second cause which makes you judge someone.

For e.g., You are riding your bike on a wonderful sunny day and enjoying the oncoming cool breeze and feeling good for life. Then suddenly you see a young man probably in his mid-20s overtaking you, driving your dream car, an expensive, luxury one. You suddenly go like "What a show-off he is! Enjoying his inherited luxury. Spoiled Brat! Huh!"

You are feeling envious here and at the same time judging him on owning a luxury car.

Now ask yourself, how much do you know him? Do you know his family? Do you know that he inherited this luxury or built his own empire by himself? You didn't invest a minute on knowing him but you judge him in a few seconds!

Don't worry, this is the same with all of us. It's in our nature to judge someone. Take it easy.
Now that we know that Judging is normal and it's inbuilt, lets at least do it the right way.

Wait, I am not telling that it's not possible to completely stop judging, it comes with practice and when we exercise non-judgment regularly. So till then lets judge in the right way.

Are you judging the right way or the wrong!

Well, this question is answered by how you do it? Do you judge the person straight away within a few seconds of seeing them or do you take time, investigate and then pass your opinion about him/her.

Judging the right way: When you investigate properly, evaluate the situation and then give your opinion.

Judging the wrong way: When you pass your judgment, your opinion within a few seconds, impulsively.

 I like giving examples...😉So let's understand this with another, one more example.

This one from our society. We Indians, have definitely come across this situation.
If you have traveled by train or bus, you might have at least once encountered the Eunuchs (Transgender), asking for money from you and if you deny, they play tantrums. Haven't you?

People do give them money but in the back of their minds, there is always hatred for them. People judge them for their way of asking money and playing tantrums if someone doesn't give them. They always wonder why the hell they ask for money and harass them. Why don't they do something, some work for their living and earn money?

But very few of them actually know and understand that it's really very difficult (almost impossible)
for them to find jobs. No one is ready to give them jobs even if they have enough skills for some basic jobs. So to fill their stomach they use this way. If you would have known this, you would have judged them but positively, the right way.

So for the conclusion, let me summarise this.
  • We all Judge, its natural instinct. It's not wrong.
  • We also saw what causes us to judge someone.
  • Now that we know, it's natural to judge, let's do it the right way.

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Disclaimer: My intention here is not to hurt anyone, anyone's beliefs, any sex, any creed/caste. I am just sharing my views on some human behaviours.


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