How to deal with CRISIS? Blog on COVID-19 effects and how to deal with it.

Hey Guys, welcome to my new blog post. Its been quite long since my last post, I need to work on my writing frequency. No worries, I have been working on that as well  😊

I was actually writing on some other topic and it was just a click away to reach you guys, but then I had a re-think on it and postponed that one and wrote something about this as its affecting everything all over the world. 

Its just recently around a month and half back maybe when people started to actually consider about corona virus, before that not many people were aware or worried about it. As soon as it started spreading across the world, panic started to be risen. Its obvious, people will panic as its the matter of their life, right!

Lets begin with this blog then!

According to me there are 3 phases of any crisis:

  • First phase is when not everyone is aware of what is going on and even if they know, they are kind of ignorant. Everyone thinks, bad things cant happen to them. We are chill during this period thinking it as disdain, but this is when second phase hits us hard. 
  • Second phase is actually the time when all of us are already been hit by it. People are getting affected by it physically, mentally, there is economic collapses, unemployment, recession etc. We are currently in this phase, coping with the situation. We are now aware, taking it seriously.
  • Now the third phase, which is after effect. When the second phase ends, we get the taste of aftereffect. It is that time when world is trying to recover from the situation it has been in. This is when economy starts to recover. This is when we all need to work together to get us on track again. How long this period goes depends on how fast we cope up.

Lets see how the phase we are in has affected the world and how we can deal with it.

Industries/market it has affected most, in both ways, either good or bad are :

    Travel - Travel industry is the one which has taken the biggest hit of all. Its inevitable as main cause of COVID-19 becoming a pandemic is people travelling and transmitting it in different parts of the world. In travelling sector, Aviation is the industry which has seen its worst of all times compared to previous recession like SARS, MERS and even 9-11 attacks. Its also said that if the situation stays the same, most of the airlines in whole word might go bankrupt!

Entertainment - This industry has seen mixed affects. Production of entertainment i.e. Movie productions, Music production, Soap opera productions have faced temporary halts/shutdowns. While on the other side, Entertainment consumption have/will increase in coming days as we observe lock-downs all around the world. #netflixandchill is going to consume most of our day😉

Media - Media industry is the one which has seen its one of the best times. There is no doubt why, we all know it right. Whatever happens around the world, it reaches to us through media only, isn't it? And during this Pandemic, its obvious media will not leave its chance to grow. People are ready to consume the information, be it fake. Talking of fake news, Social media tops in it. These news are spread purposefully to boost the growth of this industry. It is the best industry to work in which will never stop growing during times like this and will be lucrative.

Manufacture and Construction - Manufacturing and construction requires people in huge numbers working together, which we need to prevent to be able to prevent the virus spread thus mostly all the manufacturing sector is variably affected.

Pharma and Healthcare - I think its self explanatory on why this industry has nothing to worry about 😐

Having seen the above points, even if some industry is performing good, world economy is taking a big hit. We might soon see the worst recession of all times. We have already seen many job cuts, employees laid off, pay cuts etc. 

But its all fine, we do not need to worry much. World has seen such situation, such uncertainty multiple times in past and have recovered very well. 

When I talk, share my worry to elderly experienced people who have seen past recession, economic collapse, I get to hear only one thing and that is "we have seen this in past, don't worry, this too will pass and all will be normal again. Its all temporary".

What we should do during this crisis? Lets have a look.

First and foremost, protect your own self. Follow all the Basic protective measures to fight against corona. Here is the link which will guide what to do.

Don't believe the fake news/ rumors and stop sharing every other forwards that you get. You might not know which one of them is fake/wrong and how it can affect people absorbing that information. Elderly people become victim of these fake information real fast. Rule of thumb to ignore the fake news is if the news doesn't suit your common sense, ignore that.

Don't panic. Panic is the last thing you would want to do. Although this seems to be worrying situation but Panic is not the proper thing, its never a good thing. We need to stay calm and work together to get through this situation. Out of panic, people are stockpiling stuffs leading to shortage of necessary goods to needy ones. This will lead to things getting costlier and those who need it wont be able to get access to basic stuffs they require. Think on it sensibly and don't support or do stockpiling.

Observe social distancing. This is the way you can prevent yourself from getting infected. Don't take it lightly. Some people are still not serious about it like I have got to know from one of my friend that people are doing workouts on roads, public places when the gyms are closed. I could sense the feeling of disgust in his voice when he told me this. He is also a body builder and he was like "I have also built the body but haven't done this kind of nonsense....(ended with abuses)"

Many people have got work from home as well but what they do, they think its vacation time, started planning of trips. Before doing it, first they should be grateful that they are not laid off or asked to go on unpaid leave, then think this is the time when you can stay near to your dearer ones and still earn money, do work.

Observe self quarantine. If you have any sort of flu symptoms or if you are coming from places which has positive cases of corona virus infection, stay at home and be in self quarantine. This is not about protecting yourself, its about protecting the society. You might have the good immunity to survive this but what about the people you could potentially infect if you go out and spread the disease. These include small children and old people who are very much prone to get infected.

Maintain liquid cash with you. You never know when you would require money. You can not risk your money to be not available when you need it the most.

Utilize lock down time. There are ways you can utilize your time during lock down. Netflix and chill is the first choice of yours I know 😉, but besides that you could also watch documentaries, short films etc, I leave that to you. Book reading is also good thing you could add into your routine. Or else you could use this time to pursue your hobby, passion which you were not able to do as you didn't have time for that, well now you have no excuse.

Invest your money. I slightly hesitate to talk about money in this situation but this is the best time to invest. This is the best time to invest in stock markets. People are doing opposite, they are selling their shares due to panic but its actually the good time to buy when their price is less. Market will rise again, no doubt in that. We need to keep patience and wait for our money to grow. Refer above where I mentioned the markets that is going down now, invest in one of them.

Support the community. This is the time when we should be there for those who needs our help. People like our house helps, people like those who can not afford basic hygiene needs, etc. Don't argue over 10 Rs change with your taxi driver, vegetable vendors etc. That money wont matter much for you but it matters more to them. After effect of this crisis is gonna hit us all, we would still survive it but those who are economically weak may not, have a think on it.

Concluding this blog here, I think I have written enough, phew! If you like what's been in this blog, please don't forget to share and also I am looking for your comments, do provide your views. 

Also I encourage and welcome critics in you, feel free to give me critic comments and ways to improve my writing. Also if you have contrasting views on this, you can use this platform to comment or use the contact form to get in touch. 

Thanking you all! Stay safe, Love you dear ones and Support each other 💗


  1. Well written ankit... Keep it up.. U will be a writer in no time.. 😁

  2. Couldn't agree more!
    Economy and recession are something to look afterwards, First priority is to protect ourselves and family, without panicking.

    1. Yep, exactly! if we are safe, we could bring economy back to normal united together.

  3. Good one! Nice information.

  4. Great post Ankit! :) Good summary of the crisis and some good advice!! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Coralie, really appreciate your feedback :)

  5. Nice One Ankit. Informative...

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